Vertical Steel Plate Lifting Clamp and quality selection

- Apr 13, 2019-

Many customers have purchased Vertical Steel Plate Lifting Clamps. After buying them, they found that they could not be used. The specifications used were not used. Please do not worry about this situation. If you buy the wrong model specifications, you must communicate with the manufacturer. Correct replacement and adjustment is the solution to the problem.


It is inevitable that the purchase error will occur, because the specifications of the vertical steel plate lifting clamp are somewhat different, so what is needed at the time of purchase is to measure the precise size, and it is necessary to cooperate with the technician. The thickness of the vertical steel plate lifting clamp should also be selected. If the opening is too large, the steel plate cannot be clamped. If the opening is too small and cannot be clamped, it is necessary to accurately measure it. Do not give the estimated data to avoid I can't use it when I buy it back.


When purchasing vertical steel plate lifting clamps, first select the appropriate lifting clamp specifications according to the tonnage of the goods to be lifted to avoid overloading. Secondly, observe the appearance of the vertical steel plate lifting clamps for wear, burrs, rust, etc., to ensure that the lifting clamps are not damaged and can be used normally. Finally, check the manual, certificate, manufacturer, date of manufacture, etc. of the vertical steel plate lifting clamp to ensure that the qualified product is purchased.