What are the advantages of the load moving skates?

- May 04, 2018-

The so-called load moving skates, which is often referred to as the carrying car, is a kind of handling car that replaces the traditional handling equipment that uses a roller bar as a carrying tool. In addition, when carrying some large-scale equipment, or a long-distance device, it is possible to use turntable small tanks and crowbars or claw jacks in order to smoothly complete the movement of these heavy goods.


After using the load moving skates, it can obviously save a lot of labor, reduce labor costs, and also save a lot of working time, making the transport operations more efficient. It can also replace the gantry when some heavy equipment is installed in place.


Advantages of load moving skates:

1, from the production side to analyze, this turntable small tank is usually made of forged steel plate, so it has a strong pressure capacity. And the material of the wheel is silicone resin, which has the advantage of strong pressure resistance, and can also protect the ground and prevent oil pollution;

2, from the use of considerations, when the use of small carousel tank, for which the sliding wheel without excessive maintenance requirements, the surface of the rubber layer to protect the material and increase stability; and its load capacity, can be Equipped with a joystick, mobile steering is convenient. In addition, the product itself is small and can save a lot of space.

3, from the perspective of the operation, the overall operation of the small tank on the turntable is very convenient, and only need to use with the top tool can greatly save the work cycle. Without maintenance, the product itself is simple and does not require maintenance.


How to use the load moving skates:

For different users, we can also choose different application methods in combination with the actual situation when using small tanks, for example, they can be used alone, or they can be used together. A single small tank can handle two to one hundred tons of equipment. With the combination of multiple turntable tanks, it is possible to transport large equipment weighing 400 to 600 tons.