What are the distinctive features of vertical plate lifting clamp?

- Nov 20, 2018-

Compared with other lifting spreaders, the vertical steel plate lifting clamps are very obvious. It is a universal vertical PLC clamp designed to ensure that the load can be reversed while ensuring that the load is maintained. These clips have a wide range of applications and are particularly suitable for lifting and steel plate turning, hull profiles and pile table extraction.


At the same time, the vertical steel lifting clamps are equipped with hinged lifting eyes that move in all directions, thus allowing the user to place the load from any direction. And also equipped with special hooking facilities to make the simple decoration, clip in the horizontal position.


Since the new model of the vertical steel plate lifting tongs has a larger mandible hole, the steel plates of different thicknesses are released from the same clamp; because of the correct use of the double locking device with the lock safety guarantee, in the open and closed positions, Pre-loaded materials are guaranteed to be cancelled.


Tests have shown that the vertical steel plate lifting clamp surface hardness of up to 37 RC is suitable (. small size and relatively high lifting capacity; in addition, its overall forged structure has good traceability and time Safety factor.