What causes the noise caused by mechanical friction of electric hoist

- Mar 31, 2020-

The noise generated by the mechanical friction of electric hoist is mainly caused by the mechanical failure of the motor, mainly due to the stator and rotor friction, bearing oil leakage, bearing overheating and other reasons.
Rotor and rotor friction: Because the gap between rotor and rotor is very small, there are often uneven air gaps, iron filings, burrs, and paint films in the motor are not completely removed. Not only will the noise and vibration increase, the iron will increase significantly in severe cases. The core is overheated and the winding insulation is damaged. It should be dismantled and treated in time.
Bearing oil leakage, bearing overheating: It is mainly caused by too many or too little bearing grease, unclean grease, poor bearing quality, etc. You will hear a "click-click-" sound during operation, and the bearings should be removed and washed in time And observe the surface of the raceway, check the relevant dimensions before taking measures.
In addition to the mechanical failure of the motor, it is also necessary to check whether the coupling connected to the reducer rotates and whether the concentricity meets the requirements. The factors such as uneven installation foundation, curved shaft extension, and imbalance of the transmission unit will produce abnormal noise, and the corresponding vibration will also Increase, the user should judge the fault caused by the motor by the sound heard and solve it in time.