What factors should I choose when purchasing vertical steel plate lifting clamps?

- Jul 27, 2018-

Vertical steel plate lifting clamps play an important role in the industrial production of steel, machinery and petroleum. The classification of such products is meticulous, and there are many varieties and models. Vertical steel lifting clamps are one of them. If you do not know the selection method, blindly buy, often can not buy the required vertical steel plate lifting clamp, which will bring unnecessary trouble to the work production, and more serious will also cause accidents.


When purchasing vertical steel plate lifting clamps, the first choice is the type and type of the steel, and the type of machine should be selected according to the application or the lifting of steel plates, steels, etc., such as vertical lifting or horizontal lifting or E type, AMS type, etc.


Followed by the selection of the maximum use load and the thickness of the vertical steel lifting clamp, the maximum use load is selected according to the weight of the hanging object or the lifting method using several steel cables, and the thickness of the plate is determined according to the thickness of the hanging object. Or the width of the mounting location to choose. The thickness of the plate clamp is generally referred to as the thickness of the plate. The size of the steel plate clamp opening of the same load is also large and small, and the user can select according to his own use requirements.