What is the difference between electric hoist and chain hoist?

- Feb 29, 2020-

The names and words of electric hoist and chain hoist are different, but there is a world difference in the use method.

The manual hoist produced by the company has the same labor-saving principle as the portable hoist, and is implemented by a differential pulley; the difference is that the electric hoist is driven by a bracelet and is used to lift heavy objects vertically. The lever hoist is driven by a handle and is used to move heavy loads horizontally.

The principle of the electric hoist is that the electric hoist rotates the small pinion, and the small gear drives the large gear to rotate, and outputs amplified torque, thereby lifting the heavy object. There is a pawl mechanism on the inside of the chain, so the sprocket can only rotate in one direction.

The working principle of the electric hoist: The lever hoist is obtained by the human body lever. The lever principle is used to obtain the linear traction force that matches the load. The caliper body acts on the load on the movement to drive the load.
Electric hoist can be used for lifting, pulling, lowering and calibration. If special equipment is installed, it can not only be used for non-linear traction, but also easily select the appropriate operating position or expand the load capacity through small tonnage machines. For large tonnage loads, multiple machines can be used side by side. operating. Lever hoist is ideal for equipment installation, cargo lifting, lashing and traction.

In recent years, foreign electric hoist technology has developed rapidly. The renewal and development of wire rope electric hoist factories depends to a large extent on the improvement of electric drive and control. Through the combination of mechanical technology and electronic technology, advanced computer technology, microelectronic technology, power electronics technology, fiber optic cable technology, hydraulic technology and fuzzy control technology are applied to mechanical transmission and control systems. Automation and intelligent electric hoist. In terms of structure, most foreign electric wire rope hoists are designed for shape, which is both beautiful and easy to install, Yuanshu, and can be modularized under good conditions, which facilitates the combination and transformation of the base. The shape greatly expands the range of use of electric hoists. range. The structure and combination of foreign electric hoisting pulleys are various. The installation method is not only suspension and fixing, but also low clearance installation and transportation. Electric hoist can also meet the requirements of domestic and international markets, and the product replacement speed is very fast. Be eliminated. This should attract enough attention from the industry. At present, the world's representative product of electric hoist is the electric hoist produced by Germany Demag Hoisting Machinery Co., Ltd. The development of electric hoist is safe, reliable, efficient, maintenance-free and intelligent.