What is the role of the tiling in the Electric Chain Block?

- Mar 07, 2019-

The tiling is one of the Electric Chain Block accessories, that is, the wall panel. It is actually a protective structure inside the outer casing, which itself has a certain protective effect on the internal components. It is convex in shape and the gear is covered under the convex shape. Its role is also very large.


Protection, the gear is the key part of the normal operation of the electric chain hoist. Although it is protected by the outer casing, it will damage the gear inside when it is severely impacted, and the tiling is equivalent to the double hood. protection.


Secondly, the tiling can prevent certain dust from entering the gear and other accessories. Once inside the gear, it will seriously affect the operation of the chain hoist in the later stage. Although it seems that the tiling is very inconspicuous, it is also indispensable. The electric chain hoist is a whole composed of these small parts. Although it is small, the internal structural components are very complete and indispensable.


After being exposed to the rain, first dry the electric chain hoist and dry it, and the parts should be blown dry with a cold air blower. If the internal parts cannot be completely dried, the hoist cover can be taken apart for drying, and then completely dry. Secondly, rust-proof grease or lubricating oil should be applied to the corrosive parts.