What is the starting principle of the 3 ton electric chain hoist?

- Nov 10, 2018-

As can be seen for the 3 ton electric chain hoist, the electric hoist starts the hoisting motor first in the operation, lifts the heavy object to the appropriate height, then starts the running motor to transport the heavy object to the designated position, and runs the trolley in the simplex The lower edge of the steel beam travels, and an electric motor is used to drive the wheels on both sides of the trolley.


Among them, because the walking speed is relatively small, the running car generally does not have a braking mechanism. In order to prevent the weight from falling during the running of the trolley, an electromagnetic brake is provided on the hoisting mechanism. 3 ton electric chain hoist from the beginning of the power supply, the rotor speed from zero to the rated value of the process, according to the characteristics of the DC electric hoist, its starting mode is commonly used full-voltage start, series varistor start and step-down start three .


When the armature winding is connected to the power supply, its current rises rapidly, and the starting counter is generated, which drives the rotor to rotate and generates a counter electromotive force. As the rotor speed increases, the counter-electrical type increases, the armature current decreases, and the starter cabinet descends. The speed rises slowly. When the start counter is equal to the load counter, the speed range is stable and the start is over.