What is the use of climbing electric hoist?

- Feb 07, 2018-

Electric hoist in the climbing electric hoist, also known as building climbing electric hoist, synchronous electric hoist, group hanging hoist and other names. Use electric climbing hoist Mainly used in all walks of life processing workshops, warehouses, terminals, and a variety of modern production lines, assembly lines. The use of space in a smaller workplace is more flexible and quick, safe and convenient, but also suitable for construction engineering climbing frame, climb climbing, large tanks hanging. Climbing electric hoist prices and ordinary chain electric hoist price is almost the same.

Climbing electric hoist Features: It is a low-speed electric chain hoist, a small light lifting machinery, lifting speed with a slow, light body, high hardness, wear small features. It combines the advantages of electric hoist and chain hoist with a disc brake motor to do work, driving reducer deceleration, with a compact body, small size, light weight, high efficiency, easy to use, reliable braking Easy to maintain and so on. Climbing electric hoist models are divided into DHP and DHY type. Climbing electric hoist can be controlled by the control box switch control climbing electric hoist at the same time rise and fall work. Climbing electric hoist and ordinary electric chain hoist basically similar but different control methods