What role can the Manual Chain Block play?

- Apr 04, 2019-

Speaking of the Manual Chain Block cover, many people think that it is for the overall beauty, in fact, its shape is divided into several types, depending on the shape, its role is also very different. No matter which kind of cover has the corresponding protection effect on the manual chain hoist, the protection of the internal parts is different due to the shape of the cover.


First of all, the pressure resistance is different. In terms of shape, the integrated casing has good pressure resistance, and can carry a large pressure value. Under the same impact force, it is less deformable than other shape casings. Secondly, the round cover is even worse than this one.


Secondly, the degree of fit is different. The one-piece hand-held hoist adopts the method of crimping cover, and the outer wall board and the nameplate cover are integrated into one body, which has high strength, good rigidity and higher safety performance. At the same time, the connection mode with the outer wall panel is different. The one-piece hand-held hoist has no outer wall panel, the round shell has a circular shell material welded on the shell, and the triangular shell is a shell. Punch, connect by external screw.


In addition to protecting the shell, the shell can also prevent soil dust. The environment of the manual chain hoist is inevitably dusty and earthy. Once the friction sheet is stained with dust, the chain hoist will slip, and other parts are also It will fail because of dust entering. Therefore, the casing can effectively prevent external dust from entering the internal components.