What should be paid attention to when the chain electric hoist is cold?

- Feb 20, 2020-

Temperatures have plummeted recently, reaching 10 degrees in some areas, a second of autumn. Temperature decreases and humidity increases. In this environment, the chain electric hoist should be used more carefully to prevent rust and slippage.

Before starting the chain hoist: the operator must be trained by workshop safety personnel and approved after evaluation; carefully check the conditions before use, such as hanging points, hooks, fall arresters, connecting rods, flashlights, wire ropes , The installation of protection devices such as wire rope clips, etc., and proof of good conditions after use.

Start-up operation of electric chain road: unplug the power and turn on the control power; try to run the crane before lifting heavy objects.

Operation and precautions during equipment operation: The weight of the lifting weight must not exceed the type specified by the crane. It is strictly forbidden to stand or walk under heavy objects; do not overload the oil on the brake belts; the safety protection measures are strictly forbidden to lift heavy objects in any part of the human body; the hanging chain should be suspended vertically, and the inclination between the hanging chain and the vertical line The degree should be kept in the range of 10 ° -15 °. Double-row chains are not allowed. Flip and twist. When the chain diameter decreases by 10% of the original diameter, a new chain should be replaced. When the plastic elongation of the chain reaches 5% of the original length, it must be replaced. The chain will be severely rusted and should not be used continuously. Strictly abide by the lifting safety operation regulations. It is strictly prohibited to hang flammable and explosive materials. Do not load or spray the machine. Corrosive articles of the human body; When the lower hook is lifted, it must not contact the vehicle body, and the difference between them is not less than 50mm.

Equipment maintenance: often check crane parts for abnormalities, such as: chain welding, deformation, etc .; report abnormalities in a timely manner and resolve them in a timely manner. Due to high humidity, please wipe the surface with a clean cloth after use, dry and add lubricating oil, and store it in a dry and ventilated place to prevent rust.