What should note when using a monorail?

- Sep 05, 2019-

      The monorail car is mainly divided into two types: hand-drawn and hand-pushed. It is an indispensable tool for moving the hoist to the left and right. It runs on the lower edge of the I-beam, and the Taihu Monorail has a maximum advantage. The wheel rim spacing can be completed. The width of the word steel track is adjusted to be more flexible in use, so what should you pay attention to when using a monorail?

1. Do not overload or overload.

2. When working with a single-track trolley with a hoist, it is strictly forbidden for anyone to walk or work under heavy objects.

3. When lifting heavy objects, the center of gravity should be in the plane of the I-beam web, otherwise please do not lift.

4. Do not use the hand-drawn monorail trolley for diagonal pulling. The chain should be forced in the center plane of the bracelet wheel during operation.

5. In the event of abnormal hand pull, do not yank, stop using it immediately, check the reason.

6. The gear and rail surface should be filled with lubricating oil regularly, and check whether the fasteners are loose.

7. Monorail driving runs on rails such as I-beam, so the deformation, distortion, cracking, I-beam rails that do not meet the standards and have other defects cannot be used.

      Regarding the use of monorail trolleys, the above points should be noted. Wuxi Yongchang monorail trolleys (GCLY Geared Trolley, GCT Plain Trolley) have passed the inspection before leaving the factory, and are equipped with instruction manuals and certificates. Please read them carefully before use.