What to do if the chain hoist hook appears to be cracked

- Mar 26, 2021-

If the chain hoist has been used for a long time, damage to the parts is inevitable. How to deal with the cracks in the chain hoist hook?

If the chain hoist hook is cracked, stop the operation immediately and replace it with a new hook to prevent the danger of falling during the lifting of heavy objects. When replacing the hook, choose the hook of the original manufacturer and model to ensure that the hook can be installed and used normally. After the hook is installed, a test hoist should be carried out to ensure that everything is normal before putting it into use.

In the actual application process, in addition to the cracks of the hook, other parts of the chain hoist may also be damaged. In order to ensure the safety of the operation, the chain hoist should be fully inspected. Once any problems are found in other parts, it should be timely Carry out repairs or replacements to prevent hazards during operation.