Where is the galvanized hand chain?

- Jan 15, 2019-

The galvanized hand chain has been recognized by the majority of users for its good performance. In fact, the physical properties of ordinary chains and galvanized hand chains are the same, but because of the different surface coatings, their corrosion resistance is not exactly the same. So what is the difference?


First of all, from the appearance, the galvanized hand chain is blue. This is because the zinc plating is first passivated and then bleached during the manufacturing process. The zinc coating hardly changes in the dry air. In humid air, in water containing carbon dioxide and oxygen, it forms a film of the main basic zinc carbonate. This film has a corrosion inhibition effect and prevents the metal from being continuously corroded.


It can be seen that, compared with the ordinary chain, the special feature of the galvanized hand chain is that special galvanizing treatment is carried out in the production and processing, and the use of the above shows more excellent characteristics, so that it is from the product. The use period is still different from the actual use. The galvanizing process is relatively simple and the cost is relatively low, so the ordinary type and heavy-duty bicycles are used with it.