Why did the newly bought chain hoist fall off the paint?

- Sep 17, 2019-

      Now that the Internet is developing rapidly, there are many online shopping software, which realizes the desire to buy and buy without leaving home. When we bought an inexpensive chain hoist on the Internet, we found that it was lacquered. What caused this?

      The newly bought chain hoist paint can be divided into two points from two angles.

      The first point: In the process of transportation, the chain hoist is bumped by the improper transportation. When the chain hoist is transported to our hands, it will be found to be lacquered.

      The second point: From the quality of the chain hoist itself, it may be that when we buy the chain hoist, we are cheap and buy a poor quality chain hoist.

      It is rare for the chain hoist to bump during transportation, because the merchant will package the chain hoist when it is delivered. Want to have a good quality chain hoist needs us to buy in the shops of genuine manufacturers.