Why does the electric hoist make a sound when it is running?

- Mar 26, 2020-

Electric hoist is a small lifting equipment used in the production workshop of the enterprise. It has various functions and is of great help to the production of enterprises. In the operation of electric hoist, there are often some faults. It is common to make unusual noises. When the electric hoist runs abnormally, pay attention to solve the problem in time.
First, we judge the source of the noise. If it is on the control circuit, the contactor is defective. The faulty contactor should be overhauled and replaced if it cannot be repaired. If the motor makes an abnormal noise, please check the motor in time to check whether the bearings, couplings and other components are faulty. If the reducer makes a noise, check the reducer, check whether the gearbox or bearing is lubricated before use, and change the lubricant regularly during use. If the lubrication is not satisfactory, it will make a sound.
Electric hoists should be inspected and maintained regularly, especially in important components such as motors and reducers. If worn, repair or replace it in time. Lubrication is also important. Lubricants should be added and replaced to avoid contamination and keep them clean.