Why is it forbidden to use hoists on the skew

- Oct 22, 2018-

      Any type of lifting hoist is prohibited in the use instructions and precautions, but the specific reasons for the prohibition are rarely clear, the following Wuxi Yongchang for you to explain.

      The weight of the lifted object is less than the decomposition force in the opposite direction of the lifting hoist. When the lifted object is lifted off the ground, the force of the lifting hoist pointing at the lifting hoist in the horizontal direction of the lifting hoist will make accelerated swing with the line perpendicular to the ground at the top of the overhanging arm as the center line, endangering the safety of the manual chain hoist operator.

      On the contrary, the gravity of the lifted object is greater than the decomposition force of the action force of the hoist in the opposite direction of the gravity of the lifted object, and the hoist will be pulled back to the lifted object due to the recovery of its own wire rope, and will fall.

      In another case, the equipment can not be pulled easily cause people to pull askew, if still holding the attitude of trying, then it is likely to make hoist long-term high operating load, resulting in the destruction of hoist.

      Whether manual hoist or electric hoist can not appear in the use of the phenomenon of oblique pulling, otherwise it will cause serious damage to equipment, serious will also bring great harm to the lives and property of users.