Working principle and composition of hand chain block and precautions for use

- Jul 19, 2018-

The working principle of the chain hoist can be summarized as:

When the chain hoist is lifted, the operator stands on one side of the bracelet wheel and pulls the bracelet downward to rotate the hand wheel in a clockwise direction, thereby causing the hand wheel to drive the lifting sprocket through the transmission of each transmission gear, and then To drive the cargo up. Under the action of the brakes, the cargo can stay in any position in the air without falling off.

When the hand chain block is lowered, the operator pulls down another bracelet to rotate the bracelet wheel counterclockwise. At this time, the pawl releases the ratchet and under the weight of the lower hook, the bracelet wheel is smoothly lowered. When the chain stops pulling, the brake immediately resumes the brake function, allowing the cargo to stop at any position.


The specification of the chain hoist, if you refer to the standard JB5601-83, you can know that the general purpose and the chain hoist with the secondary spur gear transmission has a lifting weight of 0.5, 1, 1.5. 2, 3, 5, 7.5, 10, 15 and 20, etc., the unit is tons.


Hand chain hoist, which is a hand-lifting tool that is simple and convenient to use and convenient to carry. It has five hooks, a lower hook, a working mechanism, a lifting chain and a bracelet on the components. It is used to hang sprocket, ratchet friction plate single-phase brake, transmission gear and shaft. The bracelet is used to transmit the power of the human hand. The sprocket is driven by the lifting sprocket and connected to the lower hook. In addition, the working mechanism of the chain hoist is a part of important components, and it is an important institution and cannot be lacking.


Hand chain block use precautions

(1) The chain hoist must be thoroughly and carefully inspected before use, mainly to check its components and whether the chain can be used normally.

(2) The lifting chain is used to vertically hang the heavy objects, so there is no problem of the wrong button between the links of the chain.

(3) When pulling the chain hoist bracelet, it should be noted that the zipper direction must be on the same plane as the hand chain. Otherwise, the chain hoist will be damaged or cannot be used normally.

(4) When the operator pulls the chain hoist, the force should be stable, and there should be no problems such as jumping chains or card chains. If the pulling is difficult, it is necessary to check the cause in time and solve it in time. It cannot be forced by brute force, because it will seriously damage or damage the chain hoist and cannot be used normally.