2018 China's Ten Largest Brands Of Rigging List Glory Announced

- Nov 02, 2018-

      "Top Ten Brands of Chinese Rigging Equipment in 2018" is a brand ranking activity sponsored by Brand Ranking Network, which has the broadest scope and largest scale of brand comprehensive strength ranking. In this selection, tens of thousands of netizens were invited to vote and comment. After many rounds of audits, the top ten brands with outstanding quality and the most popular in the industry were selected. Brand ranking network is committed to promoting the brand of Chinese consumption patterns and building a good consumption environment. Since its inception, the event has attracted nearly half of the domestic brands and distributors to participate in, but also by Sina, Netease, Xinhua, China, Sohu and more than 70 well-known network media highly concerned about sharing the brand feast. The outstanding companies and brands that have won the list of "ten largest brands of rigging in China" in 2018 are as follows:

      Most of them produces electric chain hoist, hand chain hoist, wrench hoist, lifting chain, sling and other lifting products. Major media reports provide opportunities for domestic excellent brands to gather popularity and enhance brand awareness and influence.