A Chain Electric Hoist That Is Easily Overlooked By The Operator

- Jul 08, 2019-

      The electric chain hoist is made up of many parts. Today, we mainly introduce several parts that are easily overlooked.

      The first component: the upper hook. Many users think that the electric chain hoist is suspended and it will be fine, ignoring the inspection of the hook, but its crack will increase the overall drop, users need to do regular inspection work.

      The second component: the motor. The general user will not check it. It will only be viewed when there is a problem with the motor. The condition of the motor directly affects the user's use. The user needs to do the motor check properly to ensure its normal operation.

      The third component: the chain strap. The user thinks that the chain belt is the storage chain. It is not checked for its good or bad. In fact, there is lubricating oil in the chain belt. The user needs to observe the amount of lubricating oil and properly add lubricating oil to ensure the lubrication of the chain.