Advantages Of Using Electric Hoist And Monorail Trolley

- Apr 29, 2019-

      In industrial operation, for the convenience of use, we often use electric hoist and electric monorail trolley, what are the advantages of the two?

      First, it solves the problem that the electric hoist can't walk around. We know that the electric hoist can only work up and down when working, but we often need to walk around in the construction, and the monorail car is matched with it. The use just solved the problem.

      Secondly, it is possible to walk on a corner with a small angle. Sometimes, the electric hoist needs to be turned slightly in the construction work. At this time, the monorail car comes in handy. It can not only walk straight, but also be smaller. Walking on the corners of the angle facilitates the use of the electric hoist.