Advantages Of Alloy Steel Chain In Hand Chain Hoist

- Jul 19, 2018-

Hand chain hoist is mainly used for tighten line, adjust sag, pull line and other work in line construction. When some customers ask for chains as alloy steel, what are the advantages of the alloy steel chain?

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  1. The alloy steel chain weight is light, lightened the entire hand chain hoist body weight, is more convenient to carry.

  2. The tensile strength is high. When the no-load is free, the chain can be dragged freely, and the position of the hook can be adjusted quickly and conveniently.

  3. The resistance to corrosion is strong.

  4. Alloy steel chain of hand chain hoist is generally silver, more beautiful.

  5. Taihu hand chain hoist series product specifications and models are complete, lifting chain length can be customized, the color of the shell can be selected.