Manual Chain Block Smeared With Lubricating Oil

- Jul 19, 2018-

      In order to improve the efficiency and prolong the service life of the manual chain block, we need to maintain the hoist regularly. In which lubrication is one of them, which parts are the lubricating oil smeared on? Is there anything particular about it?

  1. Manual chain block before smearing lubricant, wipe the surface with a rag, the main part of the coating is the chain, sprocket, hook and so on.

  2. When applying grease, you can use a steel brush to dip into the appropriate amount of grease to smear.

  3. Smear the lubricant evenly on the surface of the component, then dry it, so that the grease can be absorbed fully, so as to greatly improve the effect of smear.

  4. It is best to choose a suitable environment to store the air dried manual chain block.

     After a long period of practice, it is proved that the proper application of grease to the hoist can not only improve the efficiency, but also prolong the life of the chain hoist.