Chain Hoist Can Help You If Your Car Got Stuck In The Mud

- Dec 21, 2018-

      We all know that the Wuxi Yongchang manual chain hoist is used to do heavy lifting and lifting heavy objects, but he can also be used for pulling. For example, during the driving process, you accidentally stuck the car in the mud and could not open it. At this time, the chain hoist can be used.

      On the afternoon of December 18, 2018, in a village in Lingshou County, Shijiazhuang City, Liu, the owner of the car, did not pay attention to the home car on the way home from the city. I tried various methods and used the shovel as a lever. After a few people joined forces and pulled and pushed, it was still unsuccessful. When I was suffering from not knowing what to do, one of the people who came to help suddenly suggested "I will try it with a chain hoist. My home is building a house. There is a 1.5t chain hoist that can be used. You have this car. Not only 1t." "Is this trip?" Liu hesitated. "I can't get it anyway, I can't try it first."

      So, after the man took the chain hoist, he fixed one end to a large banyan tree next to it, and the other end was fixed on the car body.

      Move the chain, "moved", everyone happy to see the hope, more forceful pull, finally half an hour later, the car was successfully pulled out, Liu sighed that the chain hoist has this effect!

      Indeed, the Wuxi Yongchang manual chain hoist can be used not only for lifting but also for traction, but you need to be aware that the weight of the weight must not exceed the rated load, whether it is used for lifting or towing.