Chain Hoist Chain Break In Lifting Operation

- May 31, 2019-

      We all know that the chain plays a very important role in the lifting operation of the chain hoist. It has a direct connection with the safety of the goods and the human body. If the chain is prevented in advance, the accident can be avoided very well. How to prevent it? The chain broke.

      First, it is strictly forbidden to overload a large amount. If the weight of the hoisted cargo far exceeds the load range of the hoist, it is likely to cause deformation of the chain and even cracks and breaks. Small overloads may not have much impact on the chain at the time, but in the long run it will cause safety accidents, so we must carefully estimate the weight of the goods before lifting the work.

      Second, it is strictly forbidden to repair the chain. If there is a problem with the chain and the scrapping standard is met, this situation is strictly forbidden to repair and continue to use.

      Third, check the chain regularly. If the chain is found to be rusted or cracked, we must replace it in time.

      Fourth, do a good job of maintenance protection, long-term rain or exposure will have an impact on the chain, we should do the protection of the chain hoist chain according to the use of the environment, and regularly apply lubricant to reduce the wear of the chain.