Chain Hoist Chain Length Limit

- May 09, 2019-

      The lifting chain is an important component of the manual hoist. Its length is standard and customized. Its length is suitable for us to hoist, so that the operation can be carried out.

      When the user purchases, there is a requirement for lifting height, so that it is easy to select a suitable manual hoist for fixing, and the length of the chain occupies a certain influencing factor. After experimental verification, a chain of suitable length is more suitable for work.

      If the chain is too short, it can not reach the lifting height of the heavy object, it is not suitable for use, and the chain length is too long. The chain hoist needs to be fixed higher, which is not convenient for the operator to pull the chain, and then the work progress of the chain is too long. Make work efficiency is not very high.

      It can be seen that the appropriate length is more important to the user, and it can avoid the situation that the chain hoist is hoisting effort, not only is convenient for the user to do the lifting work, but also the work efficiency is high, and the whole work can be completed quickly and smoothly.

      Pay attention to the chain length of the chain hoist and choose the suitable lifting work. This operation is labor-saving and efficient, which is beneficial to the user.