Chain Hoists In The Protection Of Old Trees Play An Important Role

- Feb 07, 2018-

According to the relevant provisions of our country, the general tree is more than a century old tree is the old trees, and those species are rare, valuable or historic value, commemorative trees can be called Mingmu. China's ancient famous trees throughout the major north-south, in many places can be seen. Our country also pays great attention to the protection of Mingmu ancient trees, and will take various measures to prevent the damaged ancient trees. A few days ago a large part of the snowfall in southern China caused a certain security risk to our old trees. The urban greening instability, and immediately take the relevant preventive measures, sprinkler with high-pressure water gun washed off the trees thick snow, and then use a manual car canopy tree pruning, in order to reduce heavy snow load on the trees to prevent the ancient The tree may lodge on the driveway to eliminate potential safety hazards.