Check The Hook Before Using The Chain Hoist

- Apr 15, 2019-

      As we all know, the hook is an important connection between the chain hoist and the object to be hoisted. In order to ensure the safety of the whole chain hoist work, the safety of the hook link can not be ignored, whether it is a homemade hook or a certain wear. The old hook of the degree must be subjected to a load test.

      A simple test can be carried out by first cleaning the surface of the hook, then suspending the weight of the hook from the rated lifting weight of 1.5 times on the hook for 10 minutes. After unloading, observe the hazard of the hook with a 20-fold magnifying glass. Sections, threaded parts, and cross-section weakening, if these parts are deformed or broken, scrap the hook or reduce the hook load. For hooks with a high degree of wear, the test load should be reduced for testing, the hoist is pulled and the rated lifting capacity is re-determined.