Difference Between The Round Chain Hoist And The Triangle Chain Hoist

- Jan 11, 2019-

      As we all know, the chain hoist is divided into two types: round chain hoists and triangular chain hoists. In addition to the different appearances, the two also have different performances. Today, I will give you a detailed introduction to the specific differences between the two types of chain hoists. 


      In terms of fixing method, the circular chain hoist adopts the fixing method of the round shell, and the screw is welded directly on the casing, and then fixed on the wall plate by screws. The disadvantage of this method is that the screw is easy to open and open. The rear casing naturally cannot protect the internal parts; the triangular chain hoist improves the fixing method of the casing and the wall panel, and directly opens the hole in the casing with a high-strength screw and a wall plate to make it more compact. 

      From the perspective of structural stability, the circular chain hoist shell is thin and easy to deform, and the internal parts of the chain hoist have a large gap, which is easy to enter the soil or foreign matter. The structural defects will cause the parts to loosen, and the shedding directly affects the hand. The safety performance and service life of the hoist; the triangular chain hoist has made great improvements on this basis. The outer casing is designed according to the shape of the “outer wall panel”, so that the outer casing and the inner part are more compact and the gap is smaller, and the external force is received. In the case where the housing is in close contact with the internal parts, the support of the housing is not deformed and the internal parts are not damaged. 

      Although from the above two perspectives, the triangular chain hoist seems to have a great advantage compared to the round chain hoist. But this does not mean that there is no advantage in the round chain hoist. In comparison, the round chain hoist has lower cost and more reasonable price, which meets the needs of most people, and also satisfies most of the chain hoists. place. 

      If there are no special requirements, round chain hoists and triangular chain hoists can be selected according to their own needs.