Do The Overall Quality Of The Chain Hoist

- Jun 12, 2019-

      Manufacturers need to do the work of the chain hoist surface. Some manufacturers' hand-painted hoist painting work is not good, which will lead to the problem of paint falling off. The overall quality of our products includes not only the safety of use, but also the problem of painting the surface of the gourd.

      In order to improve the surface quality, our factory will make some adjustments in technology production. It can be roughly divided into three steps: before painting, we will clean the surface of the chain hoist; when choosing the paint, we will choose the paint with higher quality and suitable viscosity; pay attention to the paint when it is officially painted for the chain hoist. Comprehensive and suitable thickness.

      In terms of user use, the technician recommends that the user should first clean the working environment of the chain hoist before using the chain hoist, and do not have large or small obstacles to affect the use; try to be as cold or exposed as possible. Use in the environment; timely clean the surface and interior of the chain hoist and lubricate it to avoid corrosion and wear.