Do You Need Electric Chain Hoists?

- Mar 29, 2019-

      An understanding of supply voltage is critical in choosing the right one. 525v is more commonly found in Mines and bigger Industrial operations while 380v is the conventional industry norm. Another determining factor in selecting your hoist is choosing between single and dual speed operation. Single speed operation is most common and utilised under normal lifting and lowering applications such as offloading of goods. Dual speed hoists are ideal when more precise movements are required. Electric chain hoists have very obvious benefits over using manual chain hoists (chain blocks), they are safer, quicker and far more convenient.

      It would be better considering following questions before decision:

  1. Consider the Capacity

  2. Check the Speed

  3. What is your Height of Lift?

  4. Do not Overlook your Future Needs

  5. What Kind of Material will the Hoist be Lifting?

  6. Consider the Duty Cycle

  7. What is your Budget?