Don't Lengthen The Handle Of Lever Chain Blocks

- Nov 07, 2018-

      The lever chain block is a small manual lifting tool, which mainly includes wire rope and chain. Because of its advantages and disadvantages, the application environment and the use requirements are different, but no matter which kind of lever chain block is, the handle should not be changed or lengthened arbitrarily.

      It is absolutely forbidden to alter or lengthen the handle arbitrarily, because the control handle of the hoist is precisely calculated and studied, and can not be altered arbitrarily according to its own use requirements, and the wrench force also has a certain size, lengthening the handle will cause the overload use of the lever chain block, seriously affecting the safe of overall operation.

      Wuxi Yongchang also reminds the majority of users of lever chain block, if the handle of lever chain block is damaged in the process of use, it should not be changed privately and timely find assemblers to replace it.

      Taihu brand lever chain block handle is made of high-grade alloy steel, which greatly improves the safety factor and wear resistance. Welcome to inquire and purchase.