Environmentally Influenced Chain Hoists

- May 13, 2019-

      The chain hoist is also limited by the environment, especially for users. Today, we will detail which environment damages the chain hoist.

      1. Air pollution: For example, if it is working in a harsh environment such as sediment for a long time, the parts will generate friction, and the speed at which the parts will be scrapped will be multiplied, and the acid and alkali substances in the air will corrode the parts.

      2. The humidity is large: in the afternoon, heavy fog and other air humidity environment, the formation of metal, water, oxygen in the same environment, so that the surface of its components is prone to rust signs.

      Attention: I hope that you will not use the chain hoist in the above two environments, so as not to affect its performance. For a comfortable environment, not only the chain hoists but also the operators benefit.