Explain The Beneficial Technical Effects Of Patented Group Hanging Hanging Electric Hoist

- Feb 07, 2018-

The patented group hoisting hanging hoist includes a top fixing device, a lifting point connecting piece, a hanging universal shaft, a hook, a hanging chain and a lifting sprocket. The lifting point connecting piece is connected with the hanger of the wall through a top fixing device , One end of the hanging chain is fixedly connected with the top end of the first connecting piece, the other end of the hanging chain sequentially bypasses the first spline, the first transition key, the second spline, the lifting sprocket, the second transitional key and the hook After fixedly connected to the bottom end of the second connecting member, the self-circulation ratio and assembly are formed. Compared with the prior art, the invention has no tail chain, which avoids hanging the tail chain in the work space and is easy to be wound, The title of the accident. In addition, the upside-down hoist can move directly in the direction of the attached riser scaffolding before it is lifted for the next time, and the next universal hoist can be connected and fixed with the upper gimbal support to perform the next hoisting , Both labor-saving and safe.