The Manufacturer Explains Why The Limit Hoist Lifting Height

- Jul 07, 2019-

      The lifting height of the chain hoist is limited and cannot be lifted at will. The lifting height of different tonnages is different, but it also limits its lifting height. why?

      1. If the lifting height is not limited, any lifting may impact the cover, and the mine chain hoist will sway, so that the operator will be in danger;

      2. If the lifting height is not limited, it may exceed the bearing limit of the chain hoist. For example, the lifting chain may be deformed. If the chain is pulled continuously, it may cause heavy objects to fall.

      3, the weight of the chain hoist lifting only within a reasonable range, can quickly complete the lifting work, and will not bring any harm to our personal safety, and reasonable lifting can also make the life of the chain hoist extend.