Hand Chain Hoist Lifting Hook Frame Is Strictly Prohibited To Repair Welding

- Apr 17, 2019-

      Lifting hooks believe that we are all familiar with it, it is widely used in a variety of light and small lifting equipment, of course, the chain hoist is no exception, a few days ago saw two netizens discussing whether the chain hoist hook can make up. The issue of electric welding is hereby discussed with everyone.

      In addition to the weight of the item, the chain hoist hook must also bear the impact load caused by the starting of the hoisting mechanism and the starting of the braking. Therefore, the hook has high mechanical strength and good impact toughness. Generally, the hook is Low carbon killed steel and low carbon alloy steel forged. Forging is a hot working process of metals, which is designed to improve strength and toughness. Once the repair welding reduces the overall mechanical properties of the hook, there is no guarantee of stress concentration and possible cracking due to welding. Therefore, repair welding is generally not allowed.

      I believe that through the above analysis, we have already learned that the hook is forbidden to repair welding and continue to use it. Therefore, when the hook is severely deformed, it should be directly renewed.