Hand Chain Hoist Limiter Debugging Method

- Jun 26, 2019-

      The safety protection device of the hand chain hoist is generally self-contained, but the load-limiting device needs to be debugged before use, so that it can play the role of the application, then how to debug the load-limiting device?

      First of all, the manual chain hoist needs to grind the conical friction surface of the limiter before commissioning, and apply a layer of butter to improve the fit, which is more convenient for debugging. Second, there are two ways to debug.

      The first simple method: the component debugging method, mainly to adjust the nut, and then use the torque wrench to turn the bracelet wheel to make it slip. The torque reading value is equal to the theoretical torque value when the slippage can be stopped. This debugging method is relatively simple to operate, and the tooling cost is simple. It is also low, but the disadvantage is that the actual slippage point has a large error with the theoretical slippage point.

      The second complicated method: the whole machine debugging method, set a test pull table according to the weight of the load-limiting slip, adjust the nut from tight to loose, so that the load limit can never slip to slip. The method is complicated in process, high in cost, but high in accuracy, and can be selected by itself.

      Finally, the debugged chain hoist can be safely lifted.