Hand Chain Hoist Parts - Spring Retaining Ring

- Apr 12, 2019-

      Many people are familiar with the chain hoist, but they don't know what the spring retaining ring inside the chain is. The spring retaining ring is a very inconspicuous component in the chain, but it plays a decisive role in the lifting of the chain hoist. .

      The spring retaining ring inside the chain hoist can play the role of positioning in the axial direction. In the process of lifting and lowering the chain, it relies on it to control the positioning of the lifting direction. Of course, it is not directly controlled but passed. Control other small parts to complete the lifting operation command.

      In the process of chain hoist chain hoisting, we may encounter the chain hoist chain can not rise and fall normally, if the foreign matter is excluded, it is necessary to check whether the spring ring is faulty. If the ring is damaged, it must be Replace it again.