Hand Chain Hoist Spline Important Component Parts

- May 26, 2019-

      Many chain hoists use splines. When you look at it, the spline is like a gear, but it is different from the gear. The spline links are composed of internal splines and external splines. The spline is a For multi-tooth parts, how to distinguish between internal splines and external splines, internal splines in the column, and external splines outside the column.

The characteristics of the chain hoist spline: the spline is evenly distributed on the shaft, and has teeth and grooves. The connection is more uniform when the force is applied, and the force is stable.

      The spline groove is generally shallow, and the stress concentration of the spline tooth root is small, which is also a self-protection effect. Due to the large number of spline teeth, the total contact area is relatively large, and the effect on the load bearing is commendable.

      Good symmetry, the use of high-speed precision instruments and equipment is essential, and the guiding performance is good.

      When processing splines, if you want to improve the precision of splines, it is generally processed by grinding. Splines seem simple, but the manufacturing process is relatively complicated. Ordinary equipment cannot manufacture precision splines, professional manufacturing equipment must be used, and equipment costs are high.

      Splines are widely used and are widely used in coupling devices that transmit large torque or slip, especially in the field of lifting equipment.