Hand Chain Hoist Used With Lifting Products

- Apr 21, 2019-

      I have already introduced a lot of questions about the origin, operation rules and precautions of the chain hoist. I think everyone has already understood, what are the products that can be used together with the chain hoists?

      First of all, it can be used with a hand-drawn trolley and a single-track trolley. This allows manual walking and manual movement of one object to another. In addition, with an electric walking trolley, the object is lifted by electric means. Move horizontally to another position, but this is not commonly used; it is inconvenient if you encounter a lower hook to lift some objects, especially if some objects do not have multiple lifting points or no lifting points, then you need to use slings Generally, the sling belt is used, and the two-legged, the three-legged, and the four-legged rigging can also be selected.

      The chain hoist can be used together with a variety of products to solve many problems of lifting, and sometimes it can be used together with magnetic lifting, etc., and the application is extensive!