Hand Hoist Can Save People At The Crucial Time!

- Nov 16, 2018-

      Manual chain hoist is often mentioned in our mouth, the inverted chain, its use is very wide, not only can improve the efficiency of work, so that staff save time and effort, but also save people at the critical time!

      Located at 1140 kilometers of National Highway 102 in Dehui City, an agricultural four-wheeled vehicle rolled over in a deep ditch beside the road. The driver was trapped and needed emergency rescue. When the officers and soldiers arrived at the scene with hand chain blocks and wire ropes, they found that a large truck was parked on the side of the road, and an agricultural four-wheeled vehicle was lying on the inside of the ditch about four meters deep beside the road, with witnesses. It was because the large truck scraped the front of the farm quadruple that the farm quadruple lost control and rolled over in the deep ditch. At this time, the driver of the farm quadruple was dead under the head of the vehicle, groaning bitterly, and the deep ditch was full of mud, which made rescue operations difficult.

      According to the situation on the spot, the commander of the brigade quickly studied and formulated the rescue action plan: ordered the brigade officers and soldiers to quickly tie up the agricultural four-wheeled vehicle with the aid of wire rope, manual chain block and other rescue tools, and rescue the trapped wounded in the shortest time; requested the traffic police department to drop a large vehicle to assist rescue, and responsible for the scene police. Caution and traffic guidance; 120 medical personnel are required to stand by and do a good job of rescuing the injured on the spot. Rescue work was carried out rapidly under the correct command of the commander of the brigade. The brigade officers and soldiers successfully fixed wire ropes, hand hoists and other tools on the wheelbarrow, ready to rescue at any time, and from time to time shouted for the trapped personnel to give him spiritual encouragement.

      Three minutes later, the support truck arrived at the scene of the accident. The officers and soldiers immediately tied the rope to the truck and slowly pulled up the farm four-wheeled truck, creating a favorable rescue space for the rescue work. The rescue officers and soldiers immediately jumped into the deep ditch and successfully rescued the trapped driver and sent him to the ambulance in time and left the scene.