Hand Hoist Plays An Important Role In Protecting Ancient And Famous Trees.

- Oct 30, 2018-

      Hand chain hoist can be used in places with heavy lifting, especially in the absence of electricity. But how does hand hoist relate to the protection of ancient wooden trees, and listen to Wuxi Yongchang slowly.

      According to the relevant regulations of our country(China), the big trees with the age of more than 100 years are generally ancient trees, while those rare, precious or historic trees can be called famous trees. China's famous trees and ancient trees spread all over the north and south of the river, and can be seen in many places. China also attaches great importance to the protection of ancient and famous trees, and will take various measures to prevent damage to ancient trees. A few days ago, most of the snow in the southern part of the country also caused some safety risks to our ancient trees. In order to reduce the burden of heavy snow on ancient trees, prevent ancient trees from lodging on the roadway and eliminate potential safety hazards, relevant preventive measures should be taken immediately.

      In addition, in order to take more timely measures and prevent damage to ancient trees, the greening departments have prepared 17895 bamboo poles, 42391 steel pipes, 667 chainsaws, 215 hand chain hoists, 278 generators, and 4406 emergency response teams.

      It is worth mentioning that this refers to the hand chain hoist. The main function of the chain block is that most of the snow can cause the ancient trees to tilt or even fall to the ground. At this time, we need to use the hand-pulled hoist to hoist and fix them, and then find the right place to re-plant the fallen trees in time to ensure their survival rate.