Hanging Point Chosen Improperly Cause People's Wound

- Jan 07, 2019-

      Although the operation of the chain hoist is simple, there are still some precautions, but many operators have safety accidents caused by improper operation, so anyone must go through safety training to get on the job. Below we are talking about the chain hoist. Safety accident caused by improper selection of lifting points: 

      Harbin Youth United Industrial Corporation Hongwei Boiler Installation Team (Address: No. 335, Dongzhi Road, Taiping District, Harbin) has undertaken the task of hoisting the boilers of the provincial party committee boilers in private. During construction, the chain hoist is suspended from the steel pipe tripod to lift the boiler. The top of the tripod is 7 meters from the ground. When the boiler is hoisted halfway, the flange on the side of the bottom of the furnace is caught by the foundation of the furnace above the ground, so the worker lifts the bottom of the furnace with a jack, when the bottom of the furnace rises above the foundation of the furnace. 

      Due to the improper selection of the lifting point, the center of gravity of the boiler and the lifting point of the hook do not produce an overturning moment on the same plumb line, causing one leg of the tripod to suddenly hang off the ground, and then the boiler and the entire tripod are dumped. At that time, the worker Xu Ziqun was standing on the top of the suspended object boiler. When it was found to be dangerous, he jumped from above and was injured by the dumped boiler. He died immediately. 

      Summary of the accident:

      Due to the improper selection of the boiler hanging point, the lifting point of the boiler and the lifting point of the chain hoist hook are not on the same vertical line, resulting in overturning moment, causing the boiler to dump; the victim is standing in violation of the suspended object boiler On the top, in violation of the safety regulations of the “HS operator's hoist safety regulations”, “the operator must not stand on the heavy object”, the boiler will be injured by the dumping of the boiler.