How To Choose A Chain Hoist

- May 28, 2019-

      The chain hoist is a light and small manual lifting device that is indispensable in many construction sites and enterprises. The use of chain hoists saves the cost of production, so companies should be very cautious when choosing a chain hoist. When shopping, the important thing about the chain hoist is to look at its quality. Hand hoist purchase to observe the shape of the shell, from the shape of the shell generally has a circular shell, a triangular shell and a one-piece shell, the quality of the performance of the hand-in-hand hoist is a good quality, the triangle is second .

      The lifting chain is generally a high-strength 80-grade alloy steel chain. It is manufactured by Germany's advanced assembly line equipment and is made of high-quality alloy steel (manganese steel, etc.). The whole process is strictly controlled, and the lifting chain can reach the international standard of 80. 

      The double safety structure device has two brakes and two pawls, and the chain is not easy to fall off. The VE type chain hoist adds 2 guide wheels, and the chain is automatically straightened out and the chain is not.