How To Deal With Handle Hoist Chain Rust

- May 01, 2019-

      The rust of the chain has a great adverse effect on the progress of the work. How should we deal with this problem in the case of the rust of the chain of hoist chain?

      First of all, we need to test the rust phenomenon of the chain hoist chain. If the rust exceeds 10%, it needs to be scrapped and does not need to be rusted. How to remove rust: we can use some hard materials on the surface. For derusting treatment, a small range needs to be sanded to remove rust, then cleaned and then coated with anti-rust grease. Finally, the storage environment must be clean, dry, free of volatile gas, and stored in a ventilated place. The venue is ok.

      Usually we should also check and maintain more, pay attention to the timely cleaning of the chain hoist damage.