How To Do Well In Hand Chain Block Industrial Chain

- Dec 13, 2018-

      We believe that the integrity of the industrial chain is very important for the hand chain block factory. It will not only affect the speed of delivery, but also affect the progress of customer operations. High-quality hand-pulled hoist manufacturers must have good industrial chain management, including inventory, turnover, delivery and so on. 

chain block in carton fair

      An excellent supply chain, mainly including the adequacy of raw materials, and then the division of labor and communication issues. The division of labor is to perform their duties and supervise each other; communication is to coordinate the time and efficiency between the upper and lower links, which can better maintain the stability and growth of the supply chain.

      In the current hand chain hoist industry, more or more orders, a small number of commonly used specifications of products are in stock. Mainly because of the high cost of pressing goods, sometimes the short-term market can not sell.

      The complete supply chain should satisfy the following conditions:

  • Maintain adequate and appropriate stock of raw materials and spare parts to ensure that the factory can cope with unexpected emergency orders.

  • Maintain good inventory turnover. Good inventory turnover can ensure sufficient cash flow and improve production efficiency.

  • The production efficiency of workers must be fast and effective. Employees must obey the command to reduce the order risk of factories.