How To Identify The Quality Of Moving Skates?

- Nov 06, 2018-

      Moving stakes are the earliest equipments to replace traditional rollers. Easy to use, time-saving and labor-saving are the main reasons for their popularity. Small, medium, large and heavy equipment containers are mainly suitable for the handling of small, medium, heavy equipment containers. Then how to distinguish the quality of moving stakes when purchasing? The following Wuxi Yongchang will introduce the distinguishing methods for you from the following points.


      1. Bearing plate: High quality forged steel plate is used for carrying plate of small tank, which has strong bearing capacity and does not deform. On the contrary, the poor quality uses iron plate as the bearing plate, which is easy to deform and relies on the bearing plate to press down the bearing, so that the cargo can not walk on the small tank and can be transported.

      2. Steel balls and bearings: The load-bearing of moving stakes mainly relies on bearings and steel balls. The raw materials of steel balls and bearings used in Wuxi Ykongchang Transportation Vehicle are high-precision alloy steel, which is wear-resistant, not fragile and bearings bear strong gravity. Poor quality steel balls and bearings, steel balls are fragile during use.

      3. PU wheels: PU wheels have high density and strong load-bearing capacity. They can be sawed vigorously without cracking, and there will be no trace. Poor quality in the handling process will appear PU wheel cracking problem.

      4. Adhesive: Good quality tank car, PU wheel and bearing in the middle of the adhesives strong bonding force, and will not cause shedding, poor quality adhesives will cause PU glue and wheel shedding in the process of handling, serious accidents will be caused.