How To Install A Hand Trolley

- Jul 12, 2018-

The hand trolley is driven by bracelet and runs on the lower flange of the I-beam track. The hand hoist, which is composed of the hand hoist and the lower part of the trolley, can be installed on the straight or curved monorail overhead transport line or the manual single beam bridge cantilever crane.

  1. When installing the trolley, the number of adjusting washer should be equal to the inner side of the left and right wall panels. However, in order to ensure that the gap between the sides of the track and the roller rim is necessary, the number of adjusting washers on both sides of the rings is allowed to be 1 pieces.

  2. After the trolley is installed on the track, the nut on the shaft is tightened and the light load is put on the test run. The nut is tightened after the wheel and the track. It should be paid special attention to the interlock between the nuts.

  3. After pulling the monorail, the clearance between the rolling sleeve and the track ground must be adjusted to achieve the specified value. The adjustment method is to first twist the nut and move the rolling sleeve shaft to make the clearance reach the specified value and then tighten the nut.

          The hand drawn trolley is a high-end product with anti-collision function. It is widely applied to equipment installation and trolleygo hoisting in factories, miners' docks, docks, warehouses, and computer rooms. Especially in the absence of power supply equipment maintenance has more outstanding advantages.