How To Use Chain Blocks In Safety

- Nov 01, 2018-

      During the operation, overload can not occur, and can not use power other than manpower to operate. Before running the chain block, it is necessary to make sure that the parts play well without damage. It is necessary to lubricate the lifting chain and other parts to ensure the normal operation of idling. And before lifting, it should also check the hanging parts of the upper and lower hooks. The double line chain should not be turned over. For the majority of operators, when lifting heavy objects, the relevant personnel can not walk under heavy objects, to avoid major accidents. In the whole lifting process, no matter what way, it should be lifted evenly. And for the majority of operators, in the operation of the chain hoist, if you find a larger hand pull, then we should immediately stop using. The main purpose is to prevent internal structural damage. Hoisting must be carried out by two people. One person checks the conductor and one person operates.