Improve The Efficiency Of Wire Rope Chain Hoist

- Apr 27, 2019-

      The surrounding environment will also affect the working efficiency of the chain hoist. There are many types of brakes for the wire rope hoist. Many factors need to be considered when selecting, because different environments determine whether the components of the chain hoist can adapt. Can be used normally. If it is not properly selected, it will damage the host, and there may be personal danger and property damage.

      The choice of brake type is mainly based on the product standard requirements and actual needs of the host or the organization to determine the type of brake. As the standard stipulates: the hoisting mechanism and the luffing mechanism must be provided with normally closed brakes, and the walking or slewing mechanism can be equipped with normally closed brakes.

      Consider the use of the site, such as the brakes have enough space to install, block, band brake or arm disc brakes; when the space is limited, you can use the internal shoe or clamp disc brake.

      When the ambient temperature is low or high, and the electric hydraulic brake is used in the open space, pay attention to replace the corresponding grade of hydraulic oil. In the environment with severe iron filings and dust, avoid using the electromagnet brake to prevent the dust from entering the gap of the electromagnet and affecting the suction of the electromagnet. For special or important occasions, additional functions of the brakes should be added as needed.

      Install different accessories of wire rope hoists in different environments, which can effectively improve the working efficiency of chain hoists.